Unleashing Your Leadership Potential

TEAM ME® provides a powerful and unique way to enormously enhance your personal leadership capabilities, optimise profitability and accelerate your team's productivity.

​Through increased awareness, focus, and heightened self-awareness, you will ascend to new levels of self-respect, self-confidence, and tangible impact.

Discover The Interventions that Give you Dramatic Impact

Strategic Assessment & Invention that Elevate Your Leadership Performance

Legendary Leadership

Based on your unique leadership profile, this one-on-one session gets to the heart of your unique, personal leadership strengths, style and impact.
If you are a team leader seeking a way to rapidly and effectively elevate your influence, foster collaboration, enhance communication, and boost productivity

- this is for you.

Leadership Team Profiling

Get to the root of your leadership team's performance, drives, collaboration and profitability.

If you’re seeking a way to rapidly improve the effectiveness of your leadership team, to boost

alignment, and enhance communication

- this is for you.

Team Dynamics Program

Empower your whole team. TEAM ME® gets to the root of the character issues that are driving your team or department’s profitability. If you’re a team leader seeking a way to rapidly and effectively improve your team’s productivity, boost collaboration, and enhance communication - this is for you.

The Archetypes of Leadership Program

A unique and transformative, 8-week program for leaders committed to elevating their impact, fostering more effective teams and influencing others in a congruent and positive way.

This revolutionary approach goes deep into your personal drives, providing you with an actionable insights that play to your innate strengths and delivers a blueprint to construct your optimum team.

Acclaimed by Industry Leaders

John Courteney-Smith

Head of Science and Innovation

Arcadia Reptile

"It is incredible how accurate it is and how you can then use the information to make positive life and business changes."

Gill Cooke

Head of Digital Planning & Delivery Three

"TEAM ME® really helped
me to quickly understand... [it] immediately helped form a
mutual respect and understanding of each of our needs, motivators and development areas."

Daraius Nawroze


HSBC. Hong Kong

"The Leadership Insight Profile is an impressive piece of work.

I found it very interesting and accurate."

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Commonly Questions

What is TEAM ME® 

TEAM ME® delivers a rapid and dramatic elevation of Leadership and Team Performance by addressing the specific 'archetypal' character traits that generate your desired results.

TEAM ME® provides hard numbers to 'soft issues' of character and explains their dynamics in memorable, measurable and manageable ways. 

​Your awareness of these factors can massively improve your impact and influence in both your personal and professional life.

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What are Archetypes?

An archetype is a universally recognised character type, ancient pattern or form. (‘Arch’ indicates both ‘over and above’ and ‘old’…very old.) Archetypes make up a deep part of what it means to be human.

Every one of us is a mix of archetypal characters that form our sense of identity and explain what drives our behaviours.

Understanding these archetypes is fundamental to our understanding of ourselves, our approach to life, and our relationships to other people.

How does TEAM ME® Impact Care Communities? 

Essentially, the impact of TEAM ME® centres on its ability to rapidly impart self-awareness, and other-awareness. The new perspectives gained engender a deep sense of respect for self and others, leading to new levels of understanding, improved relationships, better delegation, and greater motivation for the tasks at hand.

Who is Pad?

Pad is an acclaimed author in the field of behavioural psychology, and the creator and chief facilitator of TEAM ME® - a unique, dynamic, and easy-to-learn approach to leadership and team performance improvement.

Certified as an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, with Advanced Diplomas in Psychology and Leadership, he is the Director of Come Alive Success Coaching ltd, based near London, UK.

A sought-after international speaker; Pad’s personal coaching, workshops, and ground-breaking products have been distributed to over 54 countries.

He has appeared on ITV, BBC World Service, and Radio 5 Live as well as quoted in The Guardian, The Independent, and The Telegraph.

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